Healthy function research team 

 General Manager
  Akira Yano, Ph.D. 
  E-mail: akiray [@]
  Research field: microbiology, biochemistry
 Chief Researcher
  Hidetoshi Yamada, Ph.D. 
  E-mail: hyamada [@]
    Research field : chemical biology, molecular biology, 
                             basic medicine, bioinfomatics

  Nozomi Nagahora, Ph.D. 
  E-mail: n-nagahora [@]
    Research field : nutritional biochemistry, basic medicine

 Assistant Researcher
      Hirohumi Iwama

 Assistant Researcher
  Mayuka Hakozaki

 and 1 technical assistants

Mushroom team 

 Chief Researcher
  Yuichi Sakamoto, Ph.D. 
  E-mail: sakamoto [@]
  Research field: mycology, genomics

 Assistant Researcher
  Shiho Sato

   and 3 technical assistants

(as of July, 2015)