Department of Bioresource Sciences in IBRC is consisted of two teams, health function research team and mushroom research team. 

Health function research
    The aim of health function research team is the development of a new way to promote health using bioresources in Iwate. We investigate the bio-activity of the agriculture, forestry and fisheries products of Iwate (e.g. Pacific Krill, mushrooms, and millet) using the multiple methods such as molecular biology, chemical biology, physiology, and bioinformatics. 

Euphausia pacifica (Pacific krill)

Mushroom research
  Iwate Prefecture is known for cultivation of Shiitake mushroom thriving, and it is one of the most famous production area of Matsutake mushroom in Japan. The aim of Mushroom research team is to contribute to consumption and cultivation of mushrooms in Iwate.

Publications of Mushroom team

Lentinula erodes (Shiitake  mushroom)